Uskrs u Baškoj Vodi

Easter in Baška Voda

This year, except from century-old traditional religious events in Baška Voda, the programme "Easter in Baška Voda" is organized by Baška Voda tourist board and Grand Hotel Slavia. We invite you to visit the codfish festival in Grand Hotel Slavia on Maundy Thursday. On Good Friday, there is a traditional procession "Way of the Cross" starting at 7.00 am from Bast. It passes villages Krvavica, Bratuš and Promajna. There is a pause in Baška Voda where you can visit the vintage photos exhibition of "Baška Voda Way of the Cross throughout time", and after the procession try the codfish meal in the centre of Bast. The procession proceeds further to Topići and finishes in Bast, On Easter day, Baška Voda brass orchestra will perform the easter concert, and on Easter Monday they will perform morning reveille. After that, you can enjoy in easter breakfast accompanied by live music and various local products from local producers in the centre of Baška Voda.
Welcome and enjoy!