40. Prvosvibanjski uranak

International Labour day celebration

International Labour day is celebrated in Baška Voda in a special way.  It marks the beginnig of Baskovodian summer festival. This year, the 40th Labour Day festivity is going to be held. The celebration starts on 30th April with a concert of a well-known band 'Opća opasnost', and continues on 1st May with cultural-entertainment programme and funny sport games such as: International Charter Donkey Race, Tallow Beam Walking, Waiters Race, Rope Draw and Alka Tournament. All tourist are welcomed to participate in these games. Registration is in our office: Tourist Board of Baška Voda from 8.00am to 12.00am.

Afternoon is reserved for great Dalmatian specialties that is offered in our restaurants.

Happy Labour Day and welcome in Baška Voda!