Obala sv. Nikole 31, Baška Voda +385(0)21 620713 info@baskavoda.hr

The Baška Voda Spring Fountain was built in 2007, not far from the place where a lake had been until 1925, that is, near one of the springs with fresh water springs after which Baška Voda was named. Water pouring over the rocky cascades, the fountain is a monument also to the hardworking women of Baška, who washed their laundry at these fresh water springs. The author of the fountain is Ozren Filipovic, the author of the bronze sculpture of a woman is Robert Ježić, while the author of verses on the water of life, engraved on the fountain, is Marina Jurišić Velebit, a poetess from Baška Voda.
The Square of father Gabro Cvitanović spreads to the north of the fountain. This scientist, theologian and writer from Baška Voda was born in 1887, born in a house near the present-day Square, became the first person from Baška Voda to obtain a doctoral degree in Munich in 1920, and he was also the first professor who taught at a high school facility. His "War Diary" represents a valuable testimony from the World War I.

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