Koncert - Gustafi

Concert - Gustafi

The concert of well-known Croatia group "Gustafi" will be performed od 19th July 2018. in the centre of Baška Voda.

Gustafi are a Croatian folk rock band formed in Vodnjan, a small town in Istria, in 1980. The band was founded by Edi Maružin, Vlado Maružin, Čedomir Mošnja, Igor Arih and Livio Morosin and was originally called Gustaph y njegovi dobri duhovi. They released their first album titled V in 1985.

The band is known for their eclectic style which combines Istrian folk music and rock, along with blues and Tex-Mex influences. They are considered one of the most prominent examples of the so-called ča-val (Cha Wave), a type of pop rock music accompanied with lyrics sung in the chakavian dialect spoken in Istria, which became popular in the mid-1990s in Croatia (other notable performers of ča-val are Alen Vitasović and Šajeta).