Obala sv. Nikole 31, Baška Voda +385(0)21 620713

Sports center Ante Jurišić Ako

Sports center "Ante Jurišić Ako" comprises the Urania football club’s stadium, Baška Voda’s bocce club’s courts and Youth Center. The main part of the...

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The monument "Naval landing operation", Baško Polje

The monument "Naval landing operation" was built in 1983. The monument, designed by Ante Rožić from Bratuša, consists of a white stone ship on the...

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The stone mill

The olives stone mill dates from the 18th century. This monument to the traditional processing of olives and the production of olive oil represents a...

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The Chapel of the Purgatory Souls

The Chapel of the Purgatory Souls was built in 1917. Chapels such as this were traditionally built by Croatian Catholics along the roads and at...

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The Anchor

The Anchor is a monument to the naval tradition of Baška Voda, erected in 1997. Throughout its history, Baška Voda has given many sailors and a few...

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The Kačić family buildings

The Kačić family buildings represent a complex of traditional Dalmatian vernacular architecture. Original parts of this residential - business unit...

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