Finnish journalists published an article about destination Biokovo

During 2015. Finnish jornalists have visited our destination. Their impression can be read in an article published in Finnish magazine. They emphasize that here are the best beaches in Croatia and desribe the destination as a piece of Italy, Greece and the piece of the heart.


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French journalists thrilled with our destination

 In September 2015, French journalist visited our destination "Biokovo" as part of the project "Croatia365". They were thrilled with the beauty of our destination and green fields of Vrgorac . You can read more on the link below:

Destination Biokovo on TV - Idea for the perfect weekend

Destination Biokovo proclaimed one of the best destinations in the project Croatia365 on Croatian tourism days

Destination Biokovo, regarding the project "Croatia365", was proclaimed one of the best destinations on Croatian tourism days. The destination was awarded with the possibility of making the video that was made and displayed on Croatian TV: "Idea for the perfect weekend". The video is on the following link:

Visit of journalists - 26. and 27. September 2015.

French journalists visited our destination Biokovo 26th and 27th September as part of the project Croatia365.

First day of the visit, journalist went to Vrgorac where they enjoyed in the beauty of green fileds, and gastronomic specialties made by Borovac, family that has their own family business of making their own domesttic products.

Next day, journalists visited Imotski area, well-known Blue and Red Lake and  enjoyed in many gastronomic specialties characteristic for Dalmatian hinterland.

All in all, journalists were thrilled with numerous possibilites of active holiday on fresh healthy air of this area, as well as indulgement in various gastronomic specialties and wrote everything down in a French article published on social networks.