Obala sv. Nikole 31, Baška Voda +385(0)21 620713

Archaeological site Gradina

Archaeological site Gradina is situated on a hill about a hundred meters west of the fresh water spring, which was the main reason for the settlement...

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Monument to the fallen soldiers

A monument to the fallen soldiers and victims of World War II from Baška Voda was erected in 1980. The author of the monument is Rajko Radović, signed...

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Monument Croatian sails

The monument "Croatian sails" was designed by sculptor Marko Gugić and erected in 2004 in memory of Franjo Tuđman who was the first president of the...

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Fountain and Square of father Gabro Cvitanović

The Baška Voda Spring Fountain was built in 2007, not far from the place where a lake had been until 1925, that is, near one of the springs with fresh...

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The Square of father Jure Radić

The Square of father Jure Radić bears the name of the Croatian scientist, theologian and naturalist who was born in 1920 in a house on the northern...

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Nikolina Beach

Nikolina Beach is the main beach in Baška Voda, named after the patron saint of the village, St. Nicholas the Traveler, whose statue is situated on...

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