Obala sv. Nikole 31, Baška Voda +385(0)21 620713

The Anchor is a monument to the naval tradition of Baška Voda, erected in 1997. Throughout its history, Baška Voda has given many sailors and a few tens of sea captains who have sailed and still sail across the Adriatic and world seas. In the famous Vis fight in 1866, which was the decisive naval battle between the navies of the Habsburg Monarchy and the Kingdom of Italy, several sailors from Baška Voda took part. Baška Voda turned to the sea with greater intensity in the late 19th century, and in 1895 Baška Voda natives had as many as 30 ships with sails, the so-called “štele”. At that time, Baška Voda was primarily a trade port, and today almost all the boats are used for tourism. The construction of the tourist port has been gradual, with a developmental boost in the 1980s. Today the port has 250 commercial berths.

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