Obala sv. Nikole 31, Baška Voda +385(0)21 620713

Krvavica is placed 6 km south of Baška Voda and in a unique way it connects the mountain Biokovo and the sea. The place is being inhabited in XVIII century, and the name is first mentioned in 1792. However, archeological sites (Gradina, Lazine Zakuće) and the archeological findings (coins, a lid of the sarcophagus etc) speak about the life on the area from the ancient times. On the Manastirine locality above the place, a standing tomb-stone with a chiseled-in relief of three women and a man with a sword was found. The beginnings of tourism in Krvavica date from 1960 when at the seabank a homonymous tourist complex is built with the main facility of a round shape. Today Krvavica offers modern apartments and rooms in private houses, grocery stores and restaurants, and with the beginning of the new millennium the place gets a little harbor. Besides the white pebble beach, the place is decorated by a peculiar sight of Krvavica – Ključ kuk (Key hip) – a high rock above the place.

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