Obala sv. Nikole 31, Baška Voda +385(0)21 620713

You will be able to enjoy Mediterranean climate, milde winter and dry, hot and sunny summer, when you come to Baška Voda. Average temperatures are: in July - air 24, 3 C° & - sea 25, 1 C° and in January - air 8, 3 C° - sea 13, 5 C°. This area is one of the sunniest parts of northern Mediterranean with approximatly 2700 sunny hours per year.

In average, Baška Voda yearly has 40 days when air temperature is higher than 30 C° and only seven days when the air temperature is below 0 C°.

The local and periodical winds also help to maintain this favorable climate. Among them, the most distinct are "jugo" (south-east wind) and "bura" (north-east wind), that show up during the entire year but especially well during winter months, when their bi°

Climatic activity is at it's peak. During spring and summer the most characteristic wind is maestral, which brings cool and fresh breeze from the sea. At night meastral is replaced by "burin" (light breeze) which cools overheated dry land.

Rainfalls of this area also have Mediterranean characteristics. In average they amount 810 mm per square metre per year, but they are well dispersed, so the springs and especially summers are mostly dry, while most of the rainfalls is dispersed during autmn and winter season.

Snow is exceptionally rare phenomena on the coast but it can be found on the sloaps of the Mt. Biokovo. It is sometimes possible in May to enjoy snow on mountain peaks and warm sea in the same time.

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