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Biokovo Mountain

The entire mountain Biokovo, 36 kilometers long, and especially the part over Baška Voda, is considered one of the most picturesque landscapes on the Adriatic. The highest peak is St George (1762 m), and above Baška Voda there are peaks St Elias (1640 m) and Šibenik (1450 m). Serving as a wall between the cool hinterland and the warm seaside, Biokovo has the merits for the strong winter buras and also for the air currents that mix the mountain and the sea air and thus making it the most clear and the most healthening especially in this area. Even though the mountain is almost completely nude on the south side, the vegetation is various and interesting. Juniper-tree and oak are at the foot of the mountain, and beech-tree, maple-tree, lime-tree, fir-tree and Dalmatian black pine-tree are in the higher parts of the mountain which prouds with also several endemic species: Biokovo's bell (Edraianthus pumilo), Biokovo's cantauera (Cantauera biokovensis) etc. The animal world is also various and here is the habitat of weasel, marten, horned owl, greyish eagle, serpent eagle, chamois, mouflon and others, but also the endemic species the Biokovo's pit beetle (Radziella styx). The Biokovo was declared the Nature Park in 1981 on which area there is also a Botanical garden in the village Kotišina above Makarska.
However beautiful, the mountain Biokovo is also very dangerous if not respected enough so extreme caution is recommended and usage of marked pedestrian paths only or going on one of the organized trips with expert guide.

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